We are looking forward to meeting you, and we can't wait to meet your student. 参观十大电子游艺网站的学校, 观察教室, 认识一位老师, and discover how Marin Horizon can help your student find their voice.  

当你参观十大电子游艺网站学校的时候, 你会看到学术项目的优势, w在这里 each grade’s curriculum has been thoughtfully crafted, and purposefully connected to the next grade for a seamless continuity of learning. You’ll get exposed to the concept of Universal Design for 学习 - a framework for designing and delivering rigorous and engaging instruction. 在十大电子游艺网站的教室里, you’ll see a dynamic and motivated community of learners being active participants in their education. You’ll observe skilled teachers who make each lesson an immersive learning experience to ensure deep academic understanding.

查询, 访问 and experience what makes Marin Horizon a unique environment for students, 学术和品格在哪里是同班同学. 


Marin Horizon使用Ravenna作为十大电子游艺网站的应用系统. In order to inquire, 访问, or submit an application, you'll need to create a Ravenna account. 你可以这么做 在这里.


We look forward to receiving your applications for the 2024 - 2025 school year by January 12, 2024.


If you're interested in the current school year, we have openings in some grades - admissions@apartments-florence.net







参观十大电子游艺网站的校园,看看十大电子游艺网站的 dynamic and motivated learners being active participants in their education. Observe skilled teachers who make each lesson an immersive learning experience to ensure deep academic understanding. 请浏览 活动及旅游 日期页面.


We look forward to getting to know you, your student, and what's important to your family. The parent interview is also an opportunity for you to get to know us, and ask questions to determine if the mission and approach of the school is right for you. 十大电子游艺网站要求每位申请者都被要求参观十大电子游艺网站的校园.


We like our prospective students to experience Marin Horizon.  十大电子游艺网站要求每个申请者都在校园里待上一天, 参加一些课程, 熟悉他们未来的同学. We believe in the student having a voice in their admissions process.


The tuition at Marin Horizon is set each year to support a budget that allows Marin Horizon to operate a program that is aligned with its mission. The yearly budget allows our school to retain and hire experienced teachers that shape our students, 提供无与伦比的学术课程, 并保持学校的财政实力.


2023 - 2024学年的学费如下:


幼儿课程(3 - 5天)$22,848 - 26,587

初级课程(4 - 5天)$32,506 - 33,695

低年级(K - 4) 40,916美元

高中(5 - 7年级)$43,152



幼儿和初级阶段的学费因天数而异. The tuition includes all academic fees, books, technology and outdoor education trips. 



十大电子游艺网站的使命是确保每一个家庭, 不管他们的经济背景如何, can access the outstanding programs offered at our school. 十大电子游艺网站平均分配2美元.每年300万美元的学费补助, and 更多的 than 30% of our students benefit from the indexed tuition model. 学费 assistance amounts range from 10% to 更多的 than 90%, and the program also covers a portion of non-tuition expenses.


每年可退还的资本存款1美元,000 per enrolled student is required from families with students in Primary through 7th grades. Capital deposits are waived for those families who receive a tuition assistance award.


Marin Horizon is dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience for all students. 十大电子游艺网站的目标是确保每个家庭, 不管他们的经济背景如何, can access the outstanding programs offered at our school.

Our indexed tuition model allows us to tailor the yearly tuition to match each family's income. 在马林地平线, we firmly believe that financial circumstances should not hinder a student's access to the life-transforming opportunities. Some families with different financial backgrounds may have questions about how they and their children will fit into the diverse environment at an independent school. We welcome these questions and are committed to creating a community that celebrates diversity in all its forms, 包括社会经济差异. 在马林地平线, we believe that every family brings unique and valuable perspectives to our community, 十大电子游艺网站努力确保所有家庭, 无论收入如何, 感到受欢迎和包容. 十大电子游艺网站致力于培养充满激情的学习者, 善良的灯塔, and advocates for positive change in our ever-changing world is at the core of everything we do.

If you have a student who aligns with our mission and values and would thrive in an environment w在这里 their potential is recognized and nurtured, 十大电子游艺网站鼓励你申请. We understand that choosing an independent school can feel daunting, but we are dedicated to making the process as inclusive and supportive as possible. Our admissions team is eager to work with you to explore how our indexed tuition model can best accommodate your family's unique financial situation.

十大电子游艺网站相信,多样性丰富了十大电子游艺网站的社区, and we actively seek to foster an inclusive and supportive environment w在这里 everyone can flourish. Your child's passion, dedication, and commitment to positive change are what truly matter to us.

We believe in the power of education to shape futures and make a difference, and our dedicated faculty and staff are 在这里 to support and guide each student on their journey to becoming compassionate leaders and confident individuals.


那么finish strong是什么意思呢? 杰西·皮尔森, 我的英语老师, 说如果值得的话,他们是认真的, 那么它就值得做好. 我同意. 对我来说, finishing strong means that If you’re playing basketball, you should play as hard in the fourth quarter as you did in the first. Finishing strong means that if you’re a pilot you have to get your landing just right. That last push at the end of a marathon could be the difference between just finishing, 还打破了世界纪录. Finishing strong means giving something – whether it be your last few months at school or your final speech – everything you have, 然后走下舞台。”.