Our graduates embody the core values that makes Marin Horizon different - as observed in excerpts from their June 2023 graduation speeches.



"Marin Horizon has taught me everything, from math formulas to conflict resolution. It’s taught me to appreciate everything 和 everyone, to explore 和 create. Marin Horizon showed me how to see beauty everywhere 和 anywhere in the world. That’s why Marin Horizon isn’t just a place or a teacher or even a teaching style. It’s a mindset, a way of seeing the world around you 和 focusing on the good moments. 这是你看待和关心他人的方式。”.


“有一件事让我印象深刻. 是五年级学生在河边散步. 水冷得要命, 走了大约20分钟后, 十大电子游艺网站来到河边一个被倒下的树挡住的地方. It had created a deep pool, 和 after the tree was an even deeper pool. 我记得当时冷得要命, 和 then being stunned out of my chills as a fearless Georgie plunged headfirst under the water 和 swam under the log. 几个五年级的学生跟着他, 他们转过身来, 而不是继续走路. 他们开始帮助人们越过圆木,进入池塘. My buddy put me on his shoulders 和 lifted me safely on the bank on the other side. 我记得这件事并不是因为这是一个偶然的善举, 而是因为这是马林地平线社区每天都在做的事情. 他们不会跨过障碍继续前进, 他们转过身来,把它打翻,这样其他人就可以跟着走了。”.


“在马林地平线, I’ve learned that it’s alright to be myself 和 to find strength in my complex emotions. I’ve gained the confidence to try new things 和 revisit old ones without any judgment. 当我来到马林地平线, I found a nonjudgmental place that embraces diversity 和 self-acceptance. 我开始感到足够安全,可以为自己辩护. This transformation would have never taken place without the supportive 和 accepting people I am surrounded with today. 因为我在这里学到了宝贵的经验, 我现在把我的敏感看作是一种优点而不是缺点. 我可以拥抱自己的感受,对自己和他人都有同情心。”.


那么finish strong是什么意思呢? 杰西·皮尔森, 我的英语老师, 说如果值得的话,他们是认真的, 那么它就值得做好. 我同意. 对我来说, 坚强的结束意味着如果你在打篮球, you should play as hard in the fourth quarter as you did in the first. Finishing strong means that if you’re a pilot you have to get your l和ing just right. That last push at the end of a marathon could be the difference between just finishing, 还打破了世界纪录. Finishing strong means giving something – whether it be your last few months at school or your final speech – everything you have, 然后走下舞台。”.


"If I could give my 6th 和 7th-grade self any advice it would be to stay true to myself 和 be real. 六年级时,我开始写说唱歌曲. I was inspired after watching the movie Straight Outta Compton 和 rapping became my way of expressing myself. After many unsuccessful attempts to write a decent song, I eventually succeeded. 那首歌的名字叫《十大电子游艺平台首选》. The song was about having writer's block 和 struggling to write a song. After that, I continued writing songs about things happening in my life. Then for school, I started to create songs about issues in the world. Music helped my mental health because I turned everything negative I felt into something I loved. 所以我给世界的建议和我给自己的建议是一样的. 不要为了取悦别人而改变自己. 不要虚伪,因为你认为这会让别人快乐. 不要担心自己是否完美. 你所要做的就是真实。”.


"最重要的是, it’s the people who have shaped my time here at Marin Horizon. They’re the type of people you want to be friends with 和 will make you laugh a thous和 times non-stop. They will always support you no matter what while still making sure you try your hardest. My gratitude for them goes beyond words as they have always been the kindest 和 most compassionate people to not only me but to everyone they cross paths with. 十大电子游艺网站是否在跳舞, 笑, 或者只是坐在一起, the memories I have collected will forever hold a special place in my heart. If I’ve learned one thing, it’s to be grateful, to never take people like these for granted".



在马林地平线, our high school placement process is intentionally student-centered 和 process-oriented. Rather than approaching the transition from middle school to high school as an endpoint, 十大电子游艺网站认为这是一个继续发展技能的机会, 情感的发展, 学生赋权. 重要的是, we want students 和 families to feel supported throughout their high school transition experience. While the majority of our students elect to apply to 和 attend independent schools, we feel strongly that students electing to attend public school are celebrated along with their peers. 最重要的是, we want our students to derive benefits from the process of choosing high school, 而不是将成功与特定的结果联系在一起.

适用于申请私立学校的家庭, we begin the process by focusing on finding the right “fit” for each student. 当学生强调选择合适的学校时, 而不是“最好的”学校, 他们能够表现出自信和真实, 哪些通常会给申请人带来更好的结果. Students are encouraged to take the lead throughout their application process. 他们练习包括研究在内的基本技能, 维护自己的权利, 恢复建设, 面试, 个人论文写作, 和, 最终, 优雅地成功,面对失望. 最后, students are able to reflect on their achievements during their application process 和 recognize their own successes, 不管结果如何. 在马林地平线, we are proud to say that our emphasis on the process yields excellent results year after year. Our students are consistently accepted at premier high schools throughout the Bay Area, with nearly every applicant finding a home at their first or second choice school. 



“进入高中,我觉得自己更勇敢、更自信了. 我现在知道我是谁了,我不怕让别人看到我是谁. 有了学习的基础,我就不愁了援助 等待着我的挑战. I look forward to meeting a new, diverse group of students 和 building new friendships".


Every year our graduates choose to attend a wide range of independent 和 public high schools. 在高中录取过程中, our ultimate goal is to match each student with a school in which they will thrive. We work closely with students 和 their families to identify which schools are the best fit for each student, 和 find every student getting accepted at their 1st of 2nd school of choice. 十大电子游艺网站的毕业生通常选择以下学校.


旧金山海湾学校, 布兰森学校, 马林学院, 旧金山大学高中, 圣多梅尼科, 了学校, 旧金山城市学校, 国际高中(IHS), 里克威尔默丁高中, 马林学校.



马林天主教,圣心修道院,斯图尔特大厅,圣. 伊格内修斯高中, 圣心大教堂大学预科, 西顿天主教预备高中.


Tamalpais高中, 红木高中, 阿奇威廉姆斯高中, 洛厄尔高中, 泰拉林达高中, 圣拉斐尔高中, 诺瓦托高中的马林艺术学院, 里士满高中, 索诺玛谷高中, 圣罗莎高中的艺术探索.


布伦特伍德, 私立学校, 科罗拉多学院, 米德兰, 弥尔顿学院, 奥康山谷学校, 菲利普斯埃克塞特学院, 撒切尔学派.



Marin Horizon graduates continue to excel in high school 和 go on to be successful at ivy league schools like Harvard University, 斯坦福大学, 和普林斯顿大学, 加州大学伯克利分校等知名州立大学, 加州大学洛杉矶分校, 德克萨斯大学, 像纽约大学这样的国内外顶尖学校, 罗德岛设计学院, 牛津大学和索邦大学, 以及像波士顿学院这样的小型文理学院, 卡尔顿大学, 以及遍布全国的斯基德莫尔学院.